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NakedEarth is a global bare earth elevation model

NakedEarth is a high-quality, 30-meter global Digital Terrain Model (DTM) which is available instantly. This DTM represents the bare earth elevation and is a ready-to-use solution for all professional projects and cloud applications. NakedEarth supports all applications over small or large areas and is very attractive even for low budget projects.

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Benefits of using NakedEarth

About NakedEarth – the unique terrain model

NakedEarth is produced based on the global, 30m posting Digital Surface Model AW3D30 (released by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, ©JAXA) and ancillary data (forest, settlement, water masks) to remove man-made construction and vegetation heights. It was processed with Novlum’s proprietary DTM generation system, a fully-automated, high sophisticated processor which preserves terrain features (breaklines, ridges and depth lines) while removing building areas and forests. NakedEarth covers same areas as AW3D30.

Technical Features

  • Source: AW3D30 (30m posting) and ancillary data
  • Coverage: Global
  • Tiling: 1° x 1° (110km x 110km at the equator)
  • Data Type: 16-bit signed integer
  • Projection: Geographic Coordinates (WGS84; Geoid: EGM96)
  • File Format: GeoTIFF
  • Metadata: ISO 19115 compliant

Suitable for many applications

  • Orthorectification
  • Visualization
  • Contour line generation
  • Risk and disaster management
  • Scientific simulation
  • Line of sight calculations
  • Infrastructure planning

Use NakedEarth for your next project!

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