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uniDEM Shapefile and Geometry Convertions

uniDEM can convert point, vector and polygon data into a DEM and crop shapes into specified bounds.

Shapes To DEM

Geometry data (points, lines and polygons) stored in ESRI shapefile format can be rasterized into a Digital Elevation Model (DEM).
The following parameters are used to rasterize features to a DEM:

  1. Select Dataset - select the shapefile to use when rasters
  2. Select Output
    • Create a new DEM → define the projection and extents
    • Apply to an existing DEM
  3. Select Projection - set the projection for the cropped shapes
  4. Enter the DEM parameters - set the pixel spacing and DEM extents
  5. Rasterize polygons as - polygons can be rasterized as area or lines (of a defined width)

Default shortcut: none

Crop/Merge Shapes

Shape data can be cropped to the extent of a drawn polygon.

Default shortcut: none