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uniDEM DEM (enforcement)

Elevations can be modified based on the 2D land use classification (CLASS) mask associated with a DEM.

Set Class Z (elevation)

Sets all elevation values of chosen land use class values within a selection area are set to the terrain height specified.

Default shortcut: none

Enforce Boundaries

Sets all elevation values at boundaries from one land use classification to another. For example hydrological modelling requires all land pixels adjacent to water are set to an elevation that is equal to or greater than the height of the water.

The tool is generalized to allow elevations of class(es) adjacent to other types. For example water types adjacent to land types can be modified together. dem enforcement parameters

  1. Enter the elevation to raise CLASS neighbours in Group 2 by when lower than CLASS neighbours in Group 1
  2. Separate classifications into Group 1 (for example water types) and Group 2 (for example land types) as appropriate based on the editing constraints appropriate to the project.
    • DEM pixels classified as a type in Group 2 are checked against neighbour classifications in Group 1
    • The elevation in Group 2 will be raised above the height of the highest Group 1 neighbour if the height is lower
  3. Select 4 or 8 way connectivity
  4. Select Hydro button if shoreline containment is the goal and default classifications are used
  5. Select Reset button to reset Groups to empty

Default shortcut: none