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Scripting provides the ability to automate entire workflows or common features during editing. When used in conjunction with Python or any similar high level language uniDEM can be used to end to end automation of Ingest, Editing and Quality Control of large projects.

Scripts are stored in the uniDEM project file which is an xml containing the datasets used, window layout and parameter settings. By importing, exporting and modifying scripts with the uniDEM Record feature or the editing directly.


This function is used to execute a script at any time during editing. When started the windows will turn green on the edges and the name of the executing script will be displayed.

Default shortcut: none

Run Single Step

This function is used to execute a single function within the selected script. This can be used to check for errors when creating scripts.

Default shortcut: none


This function is used to pause a script at any time during execution. When paused the windows will turn yellow on the edges and the name of the executing script will be displayed. This can be helpful when stepping during a script created with the Record feature or modified by an external program like Python.

Default shortcut: none


This function is used to terminate the execution of a script when running. All changes from functions that have already run within the script will be maintained.

Default shortcut: none


Creates a new empty script that can be entered manually, copied into from another script, or recorded into with the Record feature.

Default shortcut: none


Opens a simple dialog allowing a script to be edited to add or remove steps manually or introduce Variables to simplify execution on different datasets.

Default shortcut: none


Can import a uniDEM script for use in the current project. uniDEM scripts are xml files that are created with the Export feature.

Default shortcut: none


Can export a uniDEM script for use in other projects or to generate a scripting library.

Default shortcut: none


Deletes the selected script from the project file. This operation is permanent if the uniDEM project is saved.

Default shortcut: none


Autorun is used to define a script that will execute when a project is opened. This feature adds the autorun attribute to the scripts element of the uniDEM project and is key to automated workflows using uniDEM.

Default shortcut: none