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uniDEM Viewing Options

uniDEM presents elevation data in 2D and 3D, and can reproject loaded data on the fly. Combined with multiple window views it is possible to interrogate elevation data from multiple perspectives.

Fit To

Sets the view extent to the full area occupied by the Active Set. The level of detail will be adjusted accordingly.

Default shortcut: none


Pressing this button will align all linked windows north up.

Default shortcut: n


Clicking the top button turns the perspective for the selected window to 3D mode looking down on the terrain from above.

Default shortcut: t


Rotates the DEM to the cursor height at the view center and sets the camera to look at the elevations horizontally.

Default shortcut: s

Go To

Clicking the Go To button opens the Go To dialog into which the user a latitude and longitude in decimal degrees. If OK is then selected the selected window and any linked windows will be recentered over the desired location.

Default shortcut: none


Switches the working projection of the active window along with all linked windows to the selected projection.
Warning: Datasets loaded with different projection information are translated during rendering to the selected project. If these differ performance may be impacted. For best performance all datasets should be in the same projection.

Default shortcut: none

3D checkbox

Checking the 3D checkbox turns the perspective for the selected window and all linked windows to 3D mode.
Unchecking the 3D checkbox turns the view to 2D provided a top down orthographic view for the selected window and all linked windows to 2D mode.

Default shortcut: 2 for 2D mode (unchecked), 3 for 3D mode (checked)