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uniDEM Visualization - Lidar

uniDEM can display one or more lidar classes per view and modify the colorization of lidar points to use classification or LAS metadata.

Show/Hide Classes

Lidar points can be viewed by LAS class distinctly in each view. Click into the view and select Show/Hide Classes. Then select the classes that should be visible. unclassified las data

Default shortcut: none

Lidar Point Color

The Color dropdown exposes many ways to colorize lidar points using elevation, LAS class, intensity and metada.
  1. Set Specific Color - define an RGBA color to be applies to all points for the selected lidar point file(s)
  2. Color by Elevation - colors the points as a function of elevation similar to a colored shaded relief (see Shader colormaps)
  3. Color by Intensity - colors the points as a function of lidar intensity
  4. Color by Class - colors the points by LAS classification
  5. Color by Metadata - colors the points using the selected LAS metadata field
  6. Randomize Point Colors - colors the points using a randomized color palette
color LAS points

Default shortcut: none


Select the visualization density for point clouds.
Values include Low, Normal, High and Highest which vary the number of points rendered to allow the user to balance between rendering performance and the number of points.

Default shortcut: none

Point Size

Lidar point rendering size can be varied to provide a more terrain definition while rendering fewer points or occupy as little as a single pixel per point to maximize the display of dense LIDAR point. The options range from Single Pixel, Tiny, Small, Medium and Large.

Default shortcut: none