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uniDEM Visualization - Shapes

uniDEM can display ESRI shapefiles and other geometries can modify the colorization of geometry and display or hide nodes for each geometry.

Shape and Geometry Point Color

The Color dropdown exposes many ways to colorize lidar points using elevation, LAS class, intensity and metada.
  1. Set Specific Color - define an RGBA color to be applies to all points for the selected shapefile(s)
  2. Set Selection Color - sets the color of a selected geometry
  3. Color by Metadata - colors the points using the selected shapefile metadata field allowing unique colorization
  4. Randomize Point Colors - colors the points using a randomized color palette
color LAS points

Default shortcut: none

Show Nodes

When zoomed in on shapes each node is displayed if this box is checked. This allows geometries to be selected and interactive with individually.

Default shortcut: none

Constant Node Size

Geometry Node: toggle whether geometry node sizes are affected by view level.
If checked the nodes will shrink as the view is zoomed out.
If unchecked the nodes will get be rendered much larger then then area when zoomed out.

Default shortcut: none

Node Size

Define the scaling factor of geometry nodes for visualization.

Default shortcut: none