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Digital survey and inspection of manholes

Manhole Inspector is safe

Utilizing 3D scanning for manhole surveying and inspection reduces risk to health and safety compared to sending personnel down-hole.

Manhole Inspector is accurate

No more guessing at the invert levels of pipes at the bottom of manholes. Manhole Inspector's advanced algorithms makes pipe finding quick and easy.

Manhole Inspector is integrated

Common pipe dimensions and inspection codes are built-in, faster report generation with fewer errors.


 Scanner Agnostic

Manhole Inspector works with point clouds from any of the common formats from laser scanners out there. It accepts point clouds in any of the generic formats (E57, PTX, PTS).


Built on our cutting edge registration system in uniTank, Manhole Inspector ensures that you can achieve the highest accuracy possible in any situation, without the need for bulky spheres or checked targets.

 GIS Integration

Import data from your governmental GIS system to manage assets, speed up data entry, and produce comparisons with existing records.

 Pipe Detection

Our automated pipe finding and definition tools are quick, effective and intuitive.

 Customizable Reports

Our automated reporting module allows you to customize your reports using templates, so they come out just the way you like them, every time. Need a different flavor for each customer? Make as many templates as you need! Don’t waste your time putting your reports together by hand and risk inserting the wrong chart in the wrong place. Let us do the heavy lifting, we’ll get it right, guaranteed!

 Continuous Improvement

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Make a request to our development team and we’ll try to fit it into our next release cycle.