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Near Real-time Storage Tank Analysis and Reporting Software

uniTank turns your 3D storage tank data into answers in less than an hour, making on-site tank analysis possible.

uniTank is a comprehensive and cost-effective software solution that is dedicated to storage tanks, making 3D laser scanning a viable technology in the field today. uniTank assesses American Petroleum Institute (API) standards compliance of storage tanks (API 650, 653, MPMS 2.2a).

uniTank is the only software solution you need for 3D storage tank analysis and reporting. Register, visualize, analyze, and produce comprehensive reports, all in one software package.

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uniTank Overview

uniTank comprises complete tank analysis in a single software solution
  • Near real-time results with unrivaled quality
  • Code compliance reporting of settlement, verticality, roundness, strapping/calibration, and more (API 650, API 653, MPMS 2.2A)
  • Highly automated end-to-end workflows
  • Intuitive 3D data visualization and manipulation
  • Customizable reporting

Key Features

Laser Scanning Tools

  • Robust internal and external data registration without using targets
  • Precise data classification and feature extraction
  • Manway and nozzle detection for tank strapping/calibration

Automated 1-Step Reporting

  • Customizable templates
  • Editable reports


  • Storage Tank Structural Analysis
    • Shell Roundness & Verticality
    • Shell Peaking & Bending
    • Shell & Edge Settlement
    • Roof / Floor / Floating Roof Settlement
    • Floating Roof Rim Space
    • Girder / Rafter / Column Deflection
  • Berm survey
  • Tank Strapping / Calibration

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