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The Universal DEM Software

uniDEM is designed to edit, visualize, and analyse DEMs of all types and resolutions. It is an efficient and comprehensive solution for large area DEM projects and small area customized projects. Our semi-automated approach allows for integrated edit and quality control unmatched in the industry.

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uniDEM Overview

uniDEM fills the gap between remotely sensed DEM data and customer deliverables.

Key Capabilities

  • The definitive raster editor
  • LiDAR, optical and radar: raster and point clouds
  • All resolutions and most projections supported

  • DTM and Hydrological editing
  • Artifact removal, void filling and DEM mosaicing
  • Land use classification

  • Mathematical operations for processing and classification
  • Quality control with profiling and DEM comparison tools
  • Visualize in 2D and 3D with multiple layers
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