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uniDEM Void Fill Tools

uniDEM supports numerous methods to fill voids that simulate terrain, or linearly fill as required.

Perimeter Void Fill

The Perimeter Void Fill samples all pixels non-void pixels adjacent to the edge of a void for a consistent elevation and then to applies the sampled elevation to all of the void data.

The elevation can be sampled as a function of statistical measures around the perimeter of each void as follows:

Default shortcut: none

Kernel Void Fill

Kernel based fills can be performed on voids of a defined size.

Supported types are:

Default shortcut: none

Smooth Curvature

Fill operation that fills small voids using the curvature of the void edge to provide propagate terrain in a natural way.

Default shortcut: none

Delta Surface

Delta Surface is a powerful set of void filling tools inspired by George Kroenung's(NGA) DSF tool.

Delta Surface can be used to fill a DEM with an alternate source, merge neighbouring DEMs in a seamless manner, or bulk adjust sections of the Active DEM with using a copy of itself.

Default shortcut: none


Fills all selected voids with triangles connected to the edge of the void. The triangle size can be modified to increase speed or reduce the visibility of in-filled triangles.

Default shortcut: none